Friday, October 10, 2014

Popcorn for Everyone! Drama! Accusations! by @KarynGerrard

It's been a surreal couple of months. Without getting bogged down with too much detail, the biggest drama is of course, Ellora's Cave (erotic romance e-publisher) suing a blog, Dear Author, and the owner of that blog, with the pen name, Jane Litte for defamation.

My first reaction on hearing this development? Get the popcorn! Let's face it, it's juicy news. And after you get past all the WTF**kery, you realize this is not a good thing at all for the romance community. You realize there are a lot of people affected by this development and not in a good way. Real lives and livelihoods are being  impacted and in some cases decimated. Real people who dedicated themselves to their craft, in either writing blogs and/or reviews, reporting on  publishing news, writing books, editing those books and creating the cover art. All those who work behind the scenes at an e-publisher. A lawsuit is messy and costly and at the end of the day, will it change anything?

I don't have a dog in this race, barely even a puppy. In fact, I had stated last month I wasn't going to discuss EC any further, but this lawsuit is big news. I made the decision back at the end of June not to accept a second contract offer from EC. I have one book coming out and I have already written it off as a lost cause. Damn shame. It will all come down to a waiting game now. What becomes of the lawsuit. What becomes of EC. I can't ask for my rights back for at least a year and in that time, anything can happen. I am with other pubs so this barely affects me. At least monetarily.

But thinking on it, it does affect me and everyone within the romance community. This will be a game changer. If anything, the lawsuit has shone a spotlight on the rot deeply hidden within the epub industry. Things are not sunshine and daisies for anyone, pubbed or self-pubbed. Also, this will affect all e-pubs. Writers who are burned by epubs for whatever reason are going to be turning to self-pubbing in droves. Can't blame them. Hell, I'm considering it.

This lawsuit could take months, become even nastier, drag out forever, or it could end quickly.

Here's hoping it ends quickly for all those caught in this mess. And it is a mess, A hot one.

Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, I am laying low, relaxing, reading and eating turkey...Cheers!

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