Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekly Roundup of News in my Pub World by @KarynGerrard Sept 18/14

What happening this past week in my publishing world? The shite hit the fan with Ellora's Cave. I won't post links, but google and you will find it. Or type in "Ellora's Cave" in the Twitter search and see what comes up. Layoffs, alleged mismanagement, claims of not paying authors, editors, and other staff, gossip and speculation, and EC is remaining silent. This upcoming release will be my one and only book with EC. Too much drama.

Since its an Xmas story, not much I can do with it until next year anyway. *sigh* This episode is not my first *headdesk* moment with a publisher and it won't be the last, I'm sure. Will be taking the rest of the fall to mull over my options. The uncertainty is horrible. I hope for the best for everyone. What a hot mess. Moving on.

Received the cover art for His Wicked Celtic Kiss. Well done! Looks enough like the first book in this series, The Wicked Bad. You might (or might not) notice this is under Crimson Romance's Contemporary line, not Spicy like The Wicked Bad. This will have a sensual rating, but not as hot as the first book in my Wicked Men of Rockland series. Why?

I am stepping back from writing full-bore erotic romance. I plan to write at different heat levels, the highest being sensual, I am also trying to write longer pieces. This story is around 60,000, that's a lot for me. I also wanted to try to write a category, contemporary as part of a series. I learned a lot during the edit/revision process and hope to apply it in my further writing. This book comes out October 20th.

Also, there will be a sale on two of my backlist books at Decadent Publishing for the entire month of October at Amazon and All Romance for the low price of...wait for it...99 cents. The magic price point. *rolls eyes* I will announce which ones when Oct 1st rolls around.

Edits are still on-going for WILD PITCH. I am told a possible Oct release, but we will see. This is the co-written book with Gayl Taylor that was formerly named The Hero Sandwich. Getting a major overhaul.

Am writing for the first time in nearly three months. Working on a historical that is a total mash up of Gothic, fantasy, paranormal, historical, even a dash of sci-fi. Not sure any publisher would be interested, but I am having FUN. It relaxes me.

And isn't that the main reason we write? Well, its the main reason I write, at any rate. It sure as shite isn't for money. ;)

Though I do have completed manuscripts, I am not sending out any submissions for the rest of the year. Need to do some thinking.

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Keep reading, keep writing, and keep cool!


  1. Uncertainty with publishers is getting more and more scary these days.

    LOVE Your new cover!! Least some happy news. xoxo

    Have a great weekend, Karyn.

    1. Isn't it, Kacey? Its the main reason I am holding off submitting anything for a while. And thanks about the cover, you have a good weekend as well!


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