Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Autumn of my Discontent @KarynGerrard #OpinionPiece

It hasn't been a good year, personally as well as professionally. But this will be about my so-called professional life and the state of publishing as seen through my eyes.

Frankly, I'm disgusted. I am aware no publisher is perfect. Not the "Big 5", nor any of the romance epubs from Entangled Publishing (Read the posts HERE at Absolute Write) to Ellora's Cave (also HERE at Absolute Write) and everyone in between. There is no perfect pub where everything is sunshine and daisies regardless of what they want you to think. Also, none of them have the magic formula for selling books and don't let them tell you any different. It is all a spin of the wheel. All the street teams, promo, sales, book bundles, and blog tours will not change that fact. Or if it does, it's a miniscule movement.

Here's a truth, sales are down all across the board for ebooks. Here's another. There is a major glut of books and its near to impossible to be heard over the din. Before you think, 'self-pub' should be an option for me, it isn't at this point in time. Too much like work. One of the reasons I go through pubs is I don't want the bother of hiring a editor, cover artist, formatter etc. To do it decently, to put out a quality product, you need to spend a couple of hundred dollars minimum. Do you make that back? Yes, some do, but a bigger not. Self-pubbing is not for everyone, its an individual choice. Perhaps when I am able to acquire my rights back on older titles, I will consider it. Until then? No. If it works for you, yay! Let's remember that the authors making the most money only make up 5% of the writers out there. A sobering thought.

I was cynical before I stepped into the romance publishing puddle, now I am even more so. Too bad, because all this peripheral stuff can suck the joy from the writing experience. There are days (and more than a few lately) I feel like walking away. Pity my poor hubs having to listen to my occasional rants. Notice I said occasional. I have made a real effort to let a lot of this roll off my back, and for the most part, it does.

But not today.

But reading about yet another pub in dire straits, CLICK HERE has me wondering if it is worth continuing. Then I think about it, I write for me. Yes, selfish, but I do for my own entertainment and enjoyment. If some like it too, all the better.

I've already made a few adjustments. Less submissions. less focus on reviews, sales, and promos. I am slowing things down on all fronts. A choice I make for me. Everyone has to find their own way, and don't let any pub, author, or motivational speaker tell you otherwise.

Do what's right for you. Stay focused, informed, and most of all—sane. And enjoy the rich experience of writing. Tell a story and have fun.
That's what I plan to do~


  1. Just saw this. Did it make a difference to your writing?

  2. I turned more to self-pubbing, and decided smaller publishers would no longer be on my list. I am now with Kensington Publishing and have a agent, so hopefully, I will continue. thanks for asking!


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