Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vacation Time, News, and a New Direction for the Fall~by @KarynGerrard

 I will be away on a much needed vacation July 17-August 16th. Will be travelling through the States and Canada, heading east to visit family and friends. I will have my laptop and IPod with me, so I will pop up here and there, for the most part, I'll be laying low.

I spent most of the late winter and entire spring being sidelined with personal concerns, and in doing so, it caused me to step back from writing and everything that came with it. Had a little inner reflection and made a few decisions.

I've decided I will be cutting way back on my submissions going forward. As it is I've not had a release since Dec 2013, and I find I'm cool with that.

Now, bear in mind I had 10 + releases the first two years published. That will never happen again. I will no longer be labelling myself an "erotic" romance writer since I will be dialing back the heat a notch or three. I will be writing at different heat levels, the majority being sensual. Also will be focusing on longer narratives.  My upcoming release with Crimson is 58,000+. (His Wicked Celtic Kiss, the book that follows The Wicked Bad) So not as many short stories and short novellas going forward. If any. :)

Just a reminder that a box set  from Crimson Romance that I am part of is coming August 11th. SUMMER HEAT will be available for a limited time and for the low price of guessed it...99 CENTS! The Wicked Bad is included. There are 10 novels from Crimson's Spicy line from very talented authors. Will be up on pre-order on Amazon soon!  Keep your eyes peeled~

I also have news I will share as soon as the contracts are all done and dusted. A historical romance of 38.000 words and with a new publisher. Stay tuned!

To all readers and fellow writers,

Have a great rest of the summer!  *Hugs*

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