Friday, June 20, 2014

The Hero Sandwich is no Longer Available By Gayl Taylor @gaylschat and Karyn Gerrard @KarynGerrard

Gayl Taylor and I requested the rights back from Breathless Press for this short story. In checking, it seems this ebook has been removed from most third party sites, so we will be moving forward.  It was released in Nov 2012.

So what are our plans for it? We will be renaming it, rewriting, editing, and hopefully, will find a new home for it.

This book was tagged ADULT by Amazon some months back, which in turn, affected sales. The cover was 'too suggestive'. In light of the recent crackdown by Amazon on certain types of covers, its a good opportunity for Gayl and I to re-do this on a lot of fronts.  It wasn't worth changing the cover to suit Amazon, so we decided to wait until we could contractually ask for the rights back. No hassles with Breathless Press, we just feel this story deserves a second chance.

We are looking forward to redoing The Hero Sandwich and finding a new home, as we both love this little story. It got great reviews, too!  Our new ttitle? SWING AWAY. The hero is a baseball player. :)

This ends my association with Breathless Press, but not Gayl's.

Meanwhile, will keep you posted on the status of this story~


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