Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bend it Like Anna Campbell...

I am so glad I have my blogs to whine on. I tend to limit my 'wah, wah' moments to here, forgoing the soap-box climate of Facebook and snarky twittersphere. When it comes to social media, a person can sometimes go too far with rants, or not go far enough to sell yourself and your books. Where's the happy medium?

I have been observing one of my favorite historical romance authors, Anna Campbell, for some time now. I love how she handles herself on social media. She's approachable, shares to a certain extent, but not enough to overwhelm you with TMI, (too much information) answers every comment/question everywhere (blogs, FB, Twitter) and thanks people for sharing her info and tweets. Hey,she doesn't have an assistant! She does it all herself! Also re-tweets in return. She's my kind of chick. Her sunny smile and outlook can brighten anyone's day. Anna is someone I'd love to sit down with a pot of tea and have a chin-wag.

She's supportive to authors. Before I became published, I visited The Romance Bandits blog nearly every day, commented, and even won books! (Oh, how I wish I had that time now, I miss visiting blogs for fun) Anna is entertaining and knowledgeable. We both love Poldark and other classic and newer BBC costume dramas! She's from Australia and I'm from Canada, so we seem to have a similar outlook on life. When I received my first ebook contract in spring of 2011, Anna contacted ME and asked if I wanted to be on The Romance Bandits to promo my book.
Anna now has a fan for life. What a boost for a new author. Will never forget it. She still congrats me on Facebook for my teeny accomplishments. Wow. Cheers!

 I try to bend it like Anna Campbell. I thank everyone I can, I try and support Romance and Erotic Romance authors through the Erotic Romance News Twitter account, RT'ing when I'm on-line. I started hosting a few book spotlights at the blog of the same name. Its not much, I'm still a bit shy, but I did just join a blog with Canadian romance writers and am trying to reach out in other ways~

In the meantime, I will continue to contribute when and where I can, share a little something now and then (though thanks to Facebook algorithms, I doubt many see it) and continue to write, hot, emotional stories just like Anna Campbell and try and have fun doing it!

New and aspiring authors, look to established writers (print and ebook) and observe how they handle themselves on social media. Watch the ones who handle themselves with friendly professionalism, the ones who stay clear of on-line drama, carry themselves with dignity, but  are approachable and encouraging without overdoing it. The ones that are eager to share their books and stories without going overboard with the promo.

Bend it like Anna Campbell.

(One of my fav Anna Campbell books, and bonus! Model Nathan Kamp on the cover)




~ Grand Central Publishing -  26 August 2014

~ Harper Collins Australia - TBA
~ Mils & Boon UK - November 2014


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