Sunday, March 2, 2014


I really should check things before I spout off. I actually dug out my battered file folder with my book contracts (Yes, I run them all off the printer)

Turns out my contracts with Evernight Publishing are for five years, not three. Decadent Publishing has three year contracts. Duh. So I will not be getting the rights back to Timeless Heart in May. Got to wait two more years. I'm fine with that, because I was not really ready to make any decisions on it (keep it on hold? re-submit to another pub? Self-pub?) The same goes for Black Lust this fall.

So, I am left with The Hero Sandwich, which contractually speaking (and I did check with the publisher) I can get the rights back this spring. I wrote the book with Gayl Taylor, so we will both decide when the times comes.

In future: fact-check. Got it.

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