Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Submission Sent! First One in Months...What's Next?

Well, I should clarify, its the first manuscript since August 2013 under this pen name. I did send out a couple under my other name.  It's a 39,000 word historical erotic romance and could be the start of a series. Let the in-box stalking begin~

Regardless, I do have a back list of completed manuscripts and one of my so-called new year's resolutions was to not only slow down and take things easy, but try and get those completed manuscripts ready for submission.

So what's next? A manuscript I wrote close to four years ago, a sequel of sorts to The Wicked Bad. I have been dragging my heels over this for all kinds of reasons,. One of the main ones its a damned bloody mess. I basically have to change every sentence. I've come a long way in four years and though I am far from perfect, my manuscripts are a lot cleaner than when I first started out. I have no expectations for this MS, but since it's finished, might as well get it out there, right? Taking my time and doing a bit each day.

Next month marks my three year anniversary of my first release, TIMELESS HEART. It also means the contract is up. What I will do with the story, I have no idea. I am in no hurry to get it back out there. I may expand it. Maybe I'll self-pub. Stay tuned!

So with snow still up to my armpits here in Northern Canada, I am trying to get as much editing done as I can before baseball season starts (47 days to opening day, go RED SOX) as watching the games takes priority over my writing, etc. lol~

Stay warm and safe,



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