Monday, February 17, 2014

♪She Works Hard for The Money...♪ The Reasons We Write~

How true. After checking a few recent polls/surveys about how little most writers actually make, I did some deep thinking on if I want to continue this.

Then I realized a few truths about my own reasons for writing. I'm not in this for the money. I know, easy to say when you're not raking it in, but seriously and luckily, I don't need the royalty $$ to live. I don't feel pressure to have a release every two weeks to make money to pay bills. I really am lucky I can work at my own pace. One of my new year's resolutions was to slow down, and I have. I just sent out my first submission since last August. I'm fine with that. After twenty releases in two years, I deserve to take it slower.

So how did this come about? About 7-8 year ago, I was submersed in the Sims 2 story-telling community. You took pics in-game (like the one right) and composed stories to accompany the pic. This was a fantastic learning experience. I learned to plot, create characters, build sets, and to craft an entertaining narrative. The writing was rough as sandpaper, but I had fun and learned along the way. I also learned to take criticism, which helped after I was published and received a few reviews that would have most people cringing in a dark room. They roll off my back. Whatever.

One night, my hubs was on-line and had a look at one of my Sims 2 story blogs and read the comments. "You could turn these stories into a manuscript and submit them." I scoffed, but then I thought about it. Could I? The first result in 2011 was 'Timeless Heart' and to my absolute shock, a publisher offered me a contract in 24 hours.  My hubs cheered me on all the way.

I haven't looked back. I withdrew from the Sims community and pretty much lost track of the people I had regular contact with. It's the internet, people move on and change interests. The Sims 2 game is still installed on my computer, but I haven't played it in close to three years. It was a fantastic visual tool and I recommend it for those who enjoy story-telling and have aspirations to be a writer. I never moved on to Sims 3. My gaming days are at an end.

So what's my point? I realize I write for my own enjoyment, always did. Even with the Sim stories. Yes, I have moved from writing being a hobby into a 'profession', but its not all about the money with me. Yes, there are ways to make more money. Some say self-pubbing and offering your books at a discount will make you more money in the long run, but that route doesn't appeal to me at the moment. The writing part is enjoyable, a relaxing hobby. But the editing and promo and other peripheral bull is the job part to me.

Apparently I don't have the same mindset on this as other writers and I'm fine with that. We all have our own path to travel, and that takes in the writing itself and what road we choose to get our writing out there to the public. At then end of the day, I please myself. But I love to share and if others get any enjoyment at all at my stories, then...damn. Mission accomplished on all fronts.

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