Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So Tired of the Self-Pub VS Trad-Pub Debate~

There has been a lot of buzz and activity on the internet and in social media feeds and at blogs of the on-going debate of who stands at the top of the heap, self pubbed authors or those who pubbed traditionally.

First off, I really don't fall in either category, so I don't have a dog in this hunt. According to a bunch of writers in the know, traditionally pubbed is with print publishers, usually the Big 5 (and soon to be the Big 4 if rumors come true)

I am one of the tens of thousands of writers who have gone the epub route. I suppose if you had to categorize me, I would fit under the trad-pubbed slot. I haven't self-pubbed, don't know if I ever will. I never say never to anything. Neither am I a 'hybrid', an author with a foot in each camp.

How you publish is a personal choice. We all have our own reasons for how we choose to get our books out there. Standing on a soap box and screaming at other writers that they are making 'a stupid mistake if you don't self-pub, maximizing your royalties and choices' or 'all self-pubbed books are dreck and garbage and full of mistakes.'

Please, everyone give it a rest.

Some valid points were made on both sides of the argument. Let's all agree the Pub biz is in a major state of flux. Some naysayers say Barnes and Noble will be finished in two years. I think a lot will close and they will do away with the Nook, but who knows? Book shelf space for print is shrinking across the board. Not good.

But all the hand-wringing over print disappearing hasn't come to pass. Yes, print has diminished, but not as bad as originally predicted. Print and e-books can co-exist. Too bad the big pubs haven't quite grasped that concept. If they don't do it soon, more merges will happen or some print pubs will disappear all together. After reading a print pub CEO's comments, it seems they really are living in a bubble. I read a really good blog (damn, forget where, should've bookmarked it) where a writer gave suggestions to the Big 5 for adapting to today's publishing reality. He had some fantastic suggestions. Why can't these guys in the board rooms get it? Until they do, this debate will continue.

I am just going to continue to do what I want, they way I want to do it. So should all writers~

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