Friday, January 24, 2014

"Now You're a REAL Author..." The Wicked Bad at Select B&N Stores

Yes, someone said that to me *headdesk* There are quite a few people that still believe you are not a 'real' author until your book is on a shelf in an actual brick and mortar store. Surprisingly, there are even authors that feel this way. I'm not one of them.

After reading blog posts about self-publishing VS trad print publishing until my eyes glazed over, I took a couple of things from it. I don't much care for smug self-publishers that brag how much money they are making, or for the living-in-a-bubble CEO of a print publisher who thinks writers should be grateful for 8% royalty for a print book. But that's another post. :)

Am I bragging about the fact I am on a shelf in Barnes and Noble? Damn right. (Thanks to Crimson author Amanda L.V. Shalaby for the pic from a New Jersey B and N)

First off, this will probably not happen again and I'm cool with it. A few books were chosen by Crimson for this trade paperback experiment, I was just lucky to be on the first round. These books are only in a few select stores and I don't expect mine to sell much.

But here is proof at least two sold! YAY! Crimson author Elley Arden found two in Pittsburgh and bought them both! USA Today best-seller list here I come! *snort*

Not a chance. I have no illusions these books will sell, if they do sell a few, I'm pleased. I also have no illusions they might wind up at The Dollar Tree or Big Lots in six months time. Its business. I get it.

Crimson Romance is part of F and W Media, so I would hope they know what they are doing. And with book shelf space shrinking at an alarming rate, I will enjoy this brief moment, then move on.

Its what writers do.

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