Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five Star Review on Amazon for the Whole Blind Cupid Series! Literary Porn, Y'all!

I don't often draw attention to many reviews, but this one on Amazon made me smile.

Basically, the reader doesn't really read romance, but was in a frisky mood and wanted to find something 'stimulating'. The reader was surprised to find The Governess and the Beast to be well-written considering it is x-rated literary porn. Wow. Did I just create a new sub-genre, Literary Porn? :)  Erotic Romance in my mind balances both the emotion, depth of story and characters along with the sizzling hot love scenes. In my own mind, its not x-rated porn, but understand a lot of people think so.

This summer at a family/friend gathering, someone joked, "Here's the soft-porn writer!" *laughter fills the room* Inside, my blood boiled. But this type of gathering was not the time and place to get haughty and explain to the ignorant the difference between, romance, erotic romance and erotica. Instead, I pasted a terse smile on my face and announced, "Well, I was always told, write about what you know."  *bigger laughs* Pass the potato salad.

I enjoyed this review. Perhaps this reader will seek out other erotic romance books and be equally surprised and entertained. If so, I've done my job. :)


This book is the first in a three part trilogy and it just goes to prove that X-rated adult literature can be well-written. all right, I admit I came across it because I was in the mood for the erotic aspect over the literary one so my first prerogative was the sex but within the first page it was very clear that Karyn Gerrard is an extremely talented author. A lot of erotic novels can be summed up to mainly written porn versus visual but this series isn't the case. Ms. Gerrard has done a fantastic job of combining three short stories into tales involving characters who are more than just sex objects in an erotic story. I would love to see a full length historical novel by this author. Make sure you get the other two books that follow this one and then settle in for some very satisfying reading in more ways than one. 

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