Saturday, December 7, 2013

Will Be Away Most of Next Week~And Other Ramblings

This pretty much sums up how buried we are after two snowstorms in less than two weeks. Thank the Gods we have a snow blower and not Woodstock to dig us out!

I will be away most of next week. Out of town for appointments and a few days relaxation. Hoping to catch Thor and The Hobbit and have a few nice meals out. Fingers crossed for the weather.
This happened to coincide with my book release Dec 10th, (THE COPPER AND THE MADAM) but what can you do? I will take my laptop with me and check in when I can, but will promo more when I get back.

Outside of a little promo, I plan to kick back the rest of the month and take it easy. I have four completed manuscripts and have no idea which to edit first or where to send them. There may be a few of you that think, 'damn, wish I had that problem',  But yeah, it is a bit of a problem. Not sure what direction I want to take in the new year.  Will ponder that for awhile.

Also, read on Twitter some guy set up two female author profiles, used stock photos for author pics (one was from the Revlon hair color site!) cut and paste bios and blurbs from other writers, hired ghostwriters to churn out books, now it looks as though some of them are plagiarized. (two have been removed from Amazon already) This guy raked in $$$ while laughing all the way to the bank. Fraud. Big time. While making romance readers and writers look like dupes. And this guy had the stones to follow me on Twitter with one of the author accounts. Right. *block*

When plagiarized, ghostwritten dreck is out-selling honestly written and better quality books, it gives you pause while at the same time churning your guts. All honest and legit romance writers can do is push forward and not be distracted by the outside shite that swirls all around them. It's not easy.

I think I will make it one of my new year's resolutions.

Have a good week~

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