Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jumping Through Hoops for Amazon~

Amazon straddles over the internet like Godzilla, stomping everything in its path and changing the landscape to suit them.

If one is to be published, whether through a publisher or self-pubbing, you have to follow Amazon's rules or sink into oblivion. The romance/erotic romance/erotica market is flooded and over saturated. So how to be seen and heard above the din?

Amazon says you need at least an average rating of 4 and a minimum of 10 reviews before you even pop up on their algorithm radar for example. So authors begin a vicious cycle of scrambling for reviews, Anything to get Amazon to notice their book and be placed on recommended read lists, KDD (Kindle Daily Deal) and other promos.

I got sucked into this. Some weeks back a made a public plea for more reviews on a certain book. Won't do that again. I could have contacted siblings, cousins, etc...but ultimately I decided  no.

Earlier this spring I stopped doing ratings/reviews and I also no longer solicit for reviews at blogs. I eliminated a lot of stress from my writing life. Reviews either happen or they don't is my new credo. I certainly appreciate them, but the priority of them have sunk to the bottom of my list.

Also, I just had a co-written book tagged ADULT by Amazon which means it will no longer show up on general searches. Whatever. We decided to leave it for reasons of our own. The cover was deemed 'too mature' even though when the book was uploaded by the publisher it was checked as adult content. I am not getting sucked into any debate regarding censorship, Amazon, moral standings or anything else. Here's my take on it...I don't care.

The old adage still stands today, you can't fight city hall. In the case of Amazon, I can't be bothered.

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