Monday, December 30, 2013

Cutting Back on Writing and Submissions~

Time for year-end reflections, and looking back at my first two years in digital romance publishing, I had ten releases each year.

Looking forward to 2014, I can safely say I will not have near that amount for the coming year. So far I have one contract for 2014. I am sitting on a few completed manuscripts, I no longer feel compelled to get them out there ASAP.

Marketing wise, I am sure all the experts will say that is not a wise move. But I have to do what is right for ME. I am getting older, a few health issues for myself and family have caused me to slow down and reflect. So I am going to work at a pace that is comfortable for me and not what anyone else says it should be.

Year two was better than year one sales wise, reason enough to keep going. But the writing is for my own enjoyment. Sure, its great I make a little money (and it is a little) but I am doing this for my own pleasure. Its not a job to me. I have learned when to step back to avoid stress and I have grown quite a thick skin. Shocking considering I have a sensitive core. (I think most writers have it)

So as I stumble into year three of my published writer surreal experience, I will continue to learn my craft, submit to new publishers, support my fellow romance writers when I can, and appreciate every reader.

All the best for 1014~


  1. Well done, Karyn. Do what's right for you and your health.
    I need to learn to do that too. LOL!
    Have a great year.

    1. Thanks Suzi! This started out as a hobby to me and in some ways, it still is. Keeping that mind set allows me to step back when it gets overwhelming. And yes, health plays a big role. Thanks for commenting! All the best for the coming year for you as well~


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