Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A Year of Ups and a Few Downs~A Reflection

Trying to not take too much of a jaundiced view of the past year in my writing journey, especially with recent disappointments, but on the whole, I can safely say I had a good year.

I had nine releases in 2013. Overall,  sales-wise not bad when it all comes out in the wash. (I don't believe in sharing sales figures, sorry)

I can say right now there will not be nine releases in 2014. Not even close. I will scaling back on the writing and submissions. I don't share much personally, but this year health wise for family members has not been good and I need to turn my attention to family. As I should. And time to turn attention to myself. I have a doctor's appoint in Jan as I believe I am developing Carpal Tunnel. Lovely.

I stepped away from a couple of publishers and signed up with a couple more and intend to look further afield in 2014. I will be getting rights back to a couple of stories in 2014 so a few decisions have to made. The highlight of my year was being offered a contract from Ellora's Cave. Personal goal reached.

I will have an audio book release perhaps in January (if all goes according to plan) And am pleased I was the first book at Decadent Publishing to be chosen as the first audio release.  Look for The Governess and the Beast next month.

Also, I was also pleased to be chosen by Crimson Romance to be one of the first two books to be released in trade paperback for a limited release in a few Barnes and Noble stores. Look for The Wicked Bad soon at select B and N's.  Paperback now available on line from Amazon and B and N.

The reviews this past year overall have been good ones and I appreciate every one I received. I stopped rating and reviewing books myself this year and that will carry into 2014. There is just no time. I will also continue to keep my distance from Goodreads this coming year as well. Less stress is a good thing.

This past summer I took over a twitter account from another writer, Erotic Romance News, and will continue to share news and accomplishments from those in the romance world. My way of giving back.

I hope to move forward and not let disappointments overtake me, continue to write for my own pleasure, and take any accomplishments when and where I can. I also hope to not let outside crap like pirates, plagiarists, and ignorant, smug people bring me down.

Here's to a safe, healthy and stress-free 2014 for us all.



  1. Hi Karyn,
    Pat yourself on the back (I'd do it but my arms won't reach). You accomplished a lot last year, so many best sellers, I mean wow! Reaching a personal goal is another high point and one not to be sneezed at. As with all writers there's high's and low's but personally I think you've done amazingly well.

    Truly, I'm not surprised. Your books are vivid, imaginative and beautifully written and not forgetting the men are HOT!

    Of course family comes first, it's natural and shouldn't be any other way. Words can be typed then saved for later, a second with a loved one is a one time offer, once its passed it can't be repeated. I may moan about my lot, hubby, kids, mum but I love every moment I spend with them (Psst, don't tell them I said that, they'll think I'm going soppy).

    A sad fact of life is, you'll get those that put you down, jealousy nothing more so give them the attention they deserve...none. Personally I think your a great writer and have done brilliantly ... I still get a buzz when a say ''you know my friend, the author''

    I hope things work out and you have a good 2014.

    All the best...Elsa.

    1. Elsa, thanks for the pat! lol! I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, and regardless of the highs and lows, it IS worth it. I so appreciate your lovely words, gives me the fuel to keep going!

      Awww, I love it when you get soppy, I am the same. All soft and squishy inside. You make a great point about family.

      I hope 2014 brings good health, no stress and the comfort of loving arms to you and yours. Cheers~ ♥


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