Monday, November 11, 2013

Things I've Learned from my Facebook NewsFeed

As an author, I've taken these lessons to heart.

1.  Do not whine or complain about a bad or unfair review. Ever. And certainly don't link to it.

2.  Do not post pics of injured, swollen or bruised body parts. No one wants to see your swollen ankles and stubby toes or jagged, torn skin or scars.

3.  Do not post pics of beloved family members writhing in pain on a hospital gurney. Wow. Don't need to see this. A little respect for the person in dire straits?

4.  Do not post pics of abused pets. And no, declaring it is your duty to make the world aware of this plight is not reason enough to do it. I know it happens. I don't like that it does. Don't need graphic pics.

5.  Do not post pics of abused children.  See above. Also, don't post pics of human rights atrocities. I don't want to see a hand with severed fingers (yes, someone posted this)

6.  Do not post 100 pics of your kids. I get your proud of them, and okay, an occasional pic is cute. But a close up of a baby with food smeared all over him? Gag.

7.  Do not post every good review you ever receive. Yes, someone left you an excellent one sentence review at Goodreads, that's great. you don't need to post the link.

8.  Do not get on your soapbox and rail and wail over any social/political/religious topic. Especially if your post is laden with obscenities and slurs. Crude move, dude. I won't ever be buying your books, and neither will any potential readers.

9.  Don't post pics of semi-naked or naked people (of any age) in any pose, no matter how tasteful and/or sensual. As an author, you have hundreds or thousands of followers, there is always someone out there who will get on their high horse and report you. And if they do report you, don't whine about it.

10. When your feeling down about an rejection, and I know it hurts, don't share on Facebook. Do it privately with a few choice friends. Same with any mood swing. Don't post something you wind up deleting later. Too much information is not a good thing.

11. Bitstrip comics are not funny. Sorry. A lot of people don't like them. If you want to keep your reader base, only post the occasional one if you like them that much. Several times a day? No.

12. Don't post those 'copy and paste' things saying' if you really like me, you will like and/or copy and paste this'. Not everyone is on Facebook 24/7. And thanks to algorithms, most people don't see what you post anyway. So getting upset people did not comment or like your status comes across as—you got it—whiny.

13. Do not wade into a fight or drama that is not your own. Thumping your chest to 'protect' a friend is all well and good, but you can come across as pushy. Don't want to turn off potential readers. Also take a breather before pointing the finger publicly at anyone. Be sure.

Do I have all the answers, hell no. I've posted things on FB that I deleted later. If you have a private profile with family and close 'real' friends, that's different. You can share your thoughts, disappointments, opinions and whatnot in a closed, protected environment. But if you use your profile as a writer as well, think twice before you hit that post button.~

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