Monday, November 25, 2013

The Hero Sandwich Slapped with an ADULT Tag at Amazon...

Really Amazon? I wondered why under a search for my pen name this book wasn't showing up anymore. Did the publisher pull the book? Then I went to salesrankexpress and sure enough, ADULT in big red letters next to the title.

Amazon in its wisdom, decided in the wake of public outcry the last few months, to use an ADULT filter which means it no longer shows up in the results for searches that are performed from the main search on the Amazon site.

Since this is co-written and none of my other titles had the adult designations, I checked my writing pal's pen name and her other book was also tagged ADULT. It is with Breathless Press and so is The Hero Sandwich. The book? A naughty nursery rhyme short story called "Ride a Cock Horse." Yeah, guess why it was tagged? (I assume its the C word) It is an erotic romance, not porn. Not erotica. The heroine did not have intimate relations with a horse. It was based loosely on the English nursery rhyme "Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross." The story Gayl wrote had nothing to do with sex toys or animal sex.

Why was The Hero Sandwich tagged? I assume they tagged all her books? Or is the cover too racy? Gayl contacted the publisher and we will find out, I guess.

This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Certain books are randomly tagged, yet some offense stuff still remains?  This is Amazon's idea of filtering adult content? Unreal.

I hope we can get this straightened out soon.

UPDATE: Amazon informed Breathless Press the cover was 'too mature'. Whatever.

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