Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's up, Doc?

Just to give a little update in my writing world.

Awaiting the arrival of a contract from a new-to-me pub, and once it is signed and sent off, I'll make the announcement. This is the submission I waited months for. Very pleased.

My two Decadent releases THE COPPER AND THE MADAM and ROCK THE WOLFE are both in editing mode, both have only had one round, so there is more to come. I have had people ask about release dates, but Decadent does not assign dates until all editing is completed, so as soon as I know, I will shout it!

I am officially announcing that I will not be submitting to Evernight Pub under this pen name going forward. (I will be under my secondary pen name now and then) No problems, just what I'm focusing on writing (historicals) would be a better fit elsewhere. Evernight gave me my first contract, that means something to me. Also, they pay ON TIME. That also means a lot considering the problems I have encountered the last two years.

I have back-burnered the second book after The Wicked Bad. I have my reasons, but I also need more time to plot it out, but also to give some thought what I am going to do with it. So I wouldn't look for this until the new year at the earliest.

I have a couple of completed historicals, but I am in no rush to get them out there submission wise. Going forward, I'll be taking my time and mulling my options.

Also started work on another historical, so that looks to be my main genre for the time being.

I think after two years, I have found a comfortable groove for this being published thing. Writing comes first. Always. The other (social media, promo) has taken a back seat and I prefer it. A lot less stress in my life.

Off to work on my historical! Cheers~

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