Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whatever Happened to Civility?

Last night, a couple of people on Twitter were discussing the books they would be reading this weekend. How cool, someone was reading my time-travels. They also mentioned Julia Kent, but the reader tagged the wrong Julia Kent. Here was the response from the 'other' Julia Kent, a cello-playing lady who was highly insulted she keeps being mistaken for a romance writer.

Really? You felt the need to answer this way? This smug response is typical of the internet and the continuing disrespect romance stirs up in certain people. The reader who made the mistake could have answered in kind, telling the woman to cram her cello, but she didn't. She ignored it. Good for you.

Bill Maher touched on this a couple of weeks ago, and he was bang-on as usual.

Just read the comments section on certain news stories, or hang out in a forum for awhile. When did things get so nasty?

Anyone with internet access feels the need to share their opinions on Twitter and Facebook (for example), because damn it, its their account/wall and they have the right to say whatever they want!

Guess that includes me, hence the reason for this post. But at least I don't feel the need to tweet The Cheesecake Factory and say f**k you, as shown in the pic.

To me, its as if the internet is a playground and everyone is fighting to see who will be the loudest. To narrow it down to the romance world, it feels like high school a lot of the time. I haven't worked in ten years, but I remember the workplace was just as backstab-y as high school. Makes me glad I am sitting in my little den, losing myself in my storytelling, because man, its brutal out there! ;)

UPDATE: One of the readers in the tweet above send out a generic FU to anyone who doesn't like what she reads.  Yeah, civility. *sigh*

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