Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hero Muse of the Week: Benedict Cumberbatch

Let's face it. This man is not classically handsome. But his mesmerizing eyes, perfect lips and astounding voice gives him such a presence that he appeals to a cross section of women across the globe.

Benedict Cumberbatch first came to my attention when I check out BBC's Sherlock. Sometimes I looked at him and thought him homely, other times, I felt electricity spark across my spine. No wonder he is the crush of so many.

I lot of my heroes are drop dead handsome. (even the scarred ones) I wanted to do a hero who was not physically perfect, someone whose face and nose were a bit too long, who had big ears, (not to say Benedict does) rather tall and gangly and shy and sensitive.

And so my historical WIP was born. Benedict is the muse for my hero, Professor-Lord Spencer Hornsby.

A man living in an isolated area of Wales, consumed by research.

His friends hire a prostitute to relieve Spence of his virginity. Image his surprise when the woman shows up at his door.

Having a lot of fun with this. Its why I write. To please myself. At the moment, historicals are giving me the most pleasure to write.

Cumberbatch has risen to household name status thanks to key movie and TV roles. He is a very good actor. Another Brit conquering the acting stage.

These guys rock. And they make great muses.

I will be sure to use Tom Mison (from Sleepy Hollow) as a muse next!

Have a good Sunday!

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