Friday, October 25, 2013

Here's a First: The Wicked Bad is up for Pre-Order at

I do like this cover.

Anyway, I sometimes do Google searches on my books to check for pirate copies and imagine my surprise when The Wicked Bad popped up on's site.

Now, this won't be available in-store, but mail order only. And only in the U.S. I never thought I would have something for sale at Walmart. Even if it is only though the web-site.

Check it out HERE

And at the time of this posting, on for 8.21 (pre-order) for the trade paperback. Cool. The paperback version is scheduled for Dec18th release.

Also for pre-order at (and its affiliates like .ca, UK, etc) HERE 
(Amazon met the price, also 8.21!)

And at Barnes and Noble HERE  8.37

These prices are subject to change~

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