Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Making a Few Changes~Writing Wise

I have decided to move ahead with my planned changes regarding my writing. What does this guy have to do with my post? Absolutely nothing. I just love looking at him. (Beto Malfacini)

I've created a new pen name for my more erotic material, and will be branching out in a few different genres. For the time being I'm keeping the names separate. The secondary pen name will be more of a sideline when I want to try something different.

For the Karyn Gerrard pen name it will be strictly MF and historical and contemporaries. While I will still be writing hot love scenes, I am pulling back from anything else. I tried, but could not go 'all in' on BDSM, in fact, a few reviewers admonished me for not being kinky enough in this category, so for the future, I am avoiding that BDSM classification. Its just not me or what I want to write. I also have no plans to do paranormal under this name any longer.  Do I still consider myself an erotic romance writer? Yes, but in very general terms.

Why am I being coy? I just don't see any benefit linking the two pen names at this time. I am excited about splitting my writing into a more decisive focus as I go forward. Maintaining two pen names on social media will no doubt be a pain, but I can deal. I've cut way back on social media anyway.  It is time to narrow my writing to more specific areas and genres.

I have a few projects on the go. I am almost done book 2 in my Wicked Men series. It needs serious editing then I need to decide what to do with it. So it will be awhile before it sees the light of day. This will be the book that comes after THE WICKED BAD.

Also working on a historical. Also playing around with a shifter story for my second pen name. Lots to do.

Also two releases coming this fall. THE COPPER AND THE MADAM and ROCK THE WOLFE. Already working on 1st round edits on Rock the Wolfe.

So that's what's going on with me~ cheers all!

*I posted this last week, but took it down as I had to edit a few things. *

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