Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just call me Mrs. Havisham....

Yeah, that's me. Mrs. Havisham from Dickens Great Expectations. Sitting in a room, cobwebs collecting about my dusty self, as I wait for an e-publisher to get back to me about a submission I sent in in January.  Its been nine months. In those nine months, I did hear from them once, asking for the whole manuscript.

That's something, right? Not necessarily. I have read accounts on-line of authors getting all excited about having a full MS request, only to be rejected.

It's been so long now, I am past worrying about rejection. Its been so long, I sometimes forget it is still out there in someone's pile.

I find it strange in this day and age, that a digital publisher would take so much time to say yea or nay. It ain't Shakespeare, lol~Hell, its not even Dickens. It has a Christmas theme, so even if it is a yea, its kinda late now for an Xmas release.

I toyed with the idea of pulling it, other big name e-pubs promise faster wait times than this. But its been so long I might as well see this to the bitter end. I've hung in this long.

*Taps fingers on dusty table*


  1. hi,my friend,I had some troubels in my family,did I miss a book?when will be the next one out?
    have a wonderful day!TC Irmtraut

    1. Great to hear from you, Imtraut! The last book out was in July, the reissue of Heart of Rock.

      I have two coming out this fall, don't know when yet. Look for Rock the Wolf and The Copper and the Madam!I will announce the dates as soon as I have them. Hugs to you, mate!


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