Monday, September 23, 2013

Is an Author a Brand?

It seems so. I never thought of myself that way, but then I gave it some deeper reflection. Obviously I do, as I made the conscious decision when I became a published writer to keep my private life--private.

I share very little about my personal life. Now, I've been told by my pubs and experts in social media that readers like it when you share a little about yourself. I understand that. So I try to share a little, but not much. I wasn't on Facebook before being published, so I am not used to sharing every aspect of my life anyway.

I also decided I would keep my opinions to myself on religious, sexual, political, economic, scientific, and social issues. Does a reader really care where I stand on any issue? No. Just as I'm not interested in what any author thinks of climate change for example.

I abhor drama. After being involved in a couple of minor dust-ups in forums, I rarely visit them, or if I do, I lurk. I also no longer comment on controversial subjects--anywhere. I have opinions, believe me, I keep them to myself.

Now, this is just ME I am talking about, what's comfortable for ME. Everyone is different. Some love sharing and commenting and interacting. That's great.
But I found right out of the gate this not the direction I feel comfortable in going. Keeping a low profile fits my personality, and keeps the stress level to a minimum.
When it's all said and done, I'd rather be writing. I will pop my head of out the hole now and then and give a smile and a wave.

So what brand am I? I am the low-key quiet one, who appreciates all her readers very much, and loves romance and loves to share my joy of storytelling.

That's enough for me~

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