Monday, September 2, 2013

Channeling My Inner Grumpy Cat~

Since I got back from vacation, I have been in 'grumpy cat' mode about a lot of things. All I will say about my vacation is that it could have been better.

One rainy, dreary day on vacay, I fired up my laptop and unfriended close to 500 people on Facebook. I'm sorry, but the fact we are both 'writers' is not enough for me to accept a friend request. You write dystopian zombie horror? I won't be reading or writing it, so sorry, we have nothing in common. If after two years we have had no contact of any kind, why stay connected? I can't believe close to 500 'friends' fell under that criteria.

Also I am taking a hard line about my FB news feed. If you post a pic of someone's hand with bloody amputated fingers—gone. Yes, someone did that this week. Why in hell would I want to look at that? Or abused and starving animals or children? Getting on your high horse and stating "People should be made aware of this", won't sway my decision. Religious and political rhetoric? Nope. Posting a pic of a scuzzy guy from Duck Dynasty preaching his pro-life stance? *shudder*  Lately, I've been removing a lot of people from my news feed.

Of course, the solution to this is to not go to Facebook at all. Unfortunately, I do like to check in on my fellow romance writers when I can. I post a little promo. I admit I am only on Facebook a few minutes here and there and mostly in lurk mode, I hardly ever 'like' anyone's posts. Thanks to FB algorithms, its probably why no one is seeing my posts! ;)  (Note to self, hit the like button on everything, damn the torpedoes)

 I also wondered if I was becoming far too grumpy about all this. Its only social media. In the scheme of my writing life,  I have more important things to get grumpy about, like publishers, edits, writer's block, etc. :)

Since I've always been a cynical chickie, I think grumpy cat is here to stay.  And some days, that really does look like my puss.

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