Sunday, August 18, 2013

I am Not a Blue Light Special~

While on vacation, I came across an exchange on Twitter with regard to my historical best-seller, The Governess and the Beast. Someone lamented that at 2.99, it was just too much to spend for what you get.

Someone chimed in it should be 99 cents. Yes, that dreaded price point. If I had self-pubbed this and decided to sell it for 99 cents, I probably would have made the same amount of royalties as I did going through a publisher who sold it for 2.99. After the third party sites and the publisher take their cuts, there is not a hell of a lot left.

Would I have sold more copies had I placed the price at 99 cents? Probably. If I gave it away for free, I would have sold even more.

I made the conscious choice to publish through a publisher and accept whatever price point they placed on my work.  Its not better or more 'right' than anyone's decision to self-pub and sell it at a lower price, its just different. There are so many options out there, and I believe everyone has to make the choice that fits what they want out of being published.

As gratifying as it is to see a book climb the charts, let's face it, a lot of 99 cent and free reads languish on people's e-readers, not being read. It does on mine. Of the 158 free reads on my kindle, I have read 4. Of the few books I bought for 99 cents, I don't think I have read any yet.

I read on a blog as one author sniffed, "I would never discount my work, it demeans my effort."

Well, I am not keen on being a bargain basement markdown either, but the name of the game here is to sell books. The aspect of selling is more important to some authors than others. Its not a top priority to me. Never was. I write for my own enjoyment, its not a business to me, but I get that there is a business side to being published that can't be avoided.

Next year, some contracts are coming up for renewal, and I will have to make the decision to take back the rights or not. Will I submit to another pub, will I self-pub? Something to ponder. And who knows...I may even sell a book for 99 cents! ;)


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