Monday, August 19, 2013

Erotic Romance News~Making Some Changes

In May, I took over an existing Twitter account from a fellow romance author, EROTIC ROMANCE NEWS.

I have expanded it to include ALL romance genres, mainstream, category, print, ebooks, but the main focus is Erotic Romance. I will not be focusing on hard core erotica, sorry.

There is a difference between Erotic Romance and Erotica. Anything too far off the charts will not be showcased. Sorry, but its the way I want to run this. My call.

So, since I took over, I did clean out the followers list and deleted anything that does not fit the mold or anyone inactive for six months or more.

I have also gained over 1600 new followers from all corners of the romance world.

I started a Facebook page and linked it to the Twitter account, so tweets and re-tweets will show up there.
I also decided to take my dormant romance review site and change it. I no longer do reviews, so why not start a site that focuses on Erotic Romance?

I have already started the cosmetic change. The old 'The Romanorum' site is now EROTIC ROMANCE NEWS. This blog is tied in with Tribrr, so any updates I do will show up in groups to be shared.
Since this blog had been dormant for quite a while, I will be changing the URL soon as well.

I will state that, yes, I will be promoting my own stuff under this account, but I decided I will utilize only one tweet a day from this account for myself.

The rest of the RT's will be any announcements or news I want to share with others. I will eventually be using the ERN blog for the same thing. I will probably pick one piece of news a day from the Twitter feed to showcase on the blog.

NOTE: I believe in support. I appreciate all the help I receive getting the word out about me and my books. I don't host authors or sponsor giveaways, so doing this is my way of giving back to the community. I am home all day and have the luxury of maintaining it.



EROTIC ROMANCE NEWS BLOG     (A work in progress)

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