Monday, August 26, 2013

Erotic Romance, Erotica, Porn~Which is it?

I just received a 5 star review for my historical, The Governess and the Beast, (which made me very happy) but the heading said "This is extremely hard-core erotica."

What? She says she doesn't have a problem with that, but thought she should warn others *scratches head*

Okay, TGATB is an erotic romance, (not erotica) there is very light BDSM with bondage and a slap and tickle or two...but hard-core? To me, hard-core is something like 'Eat me, Teacher' or 'Milk Jugs' (Lactation Erotica)

Then I realized, like the reviews/ratings themselves, its all subjective. Stroll a step or two off what is considered the 'norm' for love scenes and some people will feel squicky. Hell, I do. I don't read hard-core erotica like the fake titles I made up above. Not my thing.

The Wicked Bad has had this kind of reception, from one end of the spectrum to the other. I received a 1 star review because the person who bought it expected 'hard-core biker erotica' (the reviewers words) but instead got a category romance.

Yeah. It is a category, contemporary romance with a lot of heat, hence the reason it is in Crimson Romance's 'Spicy' line. The Wicked Bad was being considered for a promo, but I was told it had been rejected because it was "too hot for most readers."

So, it seems I am straddling some invisible line here, do I pull back from my steamy love scenes, or do I push the envelope even more?

I'm doing neither. I am going to continue to write the way I want. I will tell you, both books sold very, very well, so there is an audience for traditional, category-type romances with extra heat. I feel a little vindicated.

Also, you can't please everyone, don't even try. You will drive yourself batty. The only person you should be trying to please is yourself. From sweet romances to enveloping-pushing erotica, do what's right for you.

I will.


  1. Great attitude, Karyn! Do what you love (and how you love to do it) and success will follow. To heck with the naysayers. You're's all subjective.

    1. thanks Janice! I should mention, not all my erotic romances sell well, lol~but it is gratifying when one does! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love your attitude... you are doing what you love, you don't feel the need to justify it and the overwhelming response from us readers only stands as validation.

    Keep it up your fans are all waiting your next release!

    1. Thanks Christine, it seems my historicals and category-type romances sell best, so I will stick with those, thanks so much for commenting!


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