Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I am Considering...

Been doing a lot of thinking. Yes, I know...I am on vacation, but the brain doesn't always shut off.

I believe I will be creating another pen name for my more erotic works and paranormals going forward. So what will I do with KARYN GERRARD? I think I will stick with historicals and longer, contemporary works like The Wicked Bad.  I will also be looking at new publishers while I recalibrate my writing.

Starting out, I thought one pen name would be sufficient, but now I have 16+ releases and more on the way, I need a more focused plan, and this seems like a good solution. For now, I will be keeping the pen names separate. I have no illusions that my first pen name sells books. So linking the two is not necessary.

What else is new? I have unfriended over 500 people on Facebook. I had a rainy afternoon last week while on vacation and decided the list needed trimming. Nothing personal, I just didn't see any benefit to so many people, esp. when I have not contact with over 2/3 of the 'friends'.

I have two manuscripts out, one is at 7 months (though they did just ask for the full MS, yay) the other at six weeks. Kudos to the hubs for talking me out of pulling them both. I'll play it out to its inevitable conclusion and move on, lol~

Why am I even going public with this decsion about pen names and writing? To force myself to follow through!! *snort*

Cheers and have a great rest of the summer! (back at my desk middle of Aug)


  1. Hi Karyn,
    Pen names are good. They can allow you to be more adventurous than with the name you already go by. You can try new things, styles and themes with the knowledge that if it doesn't work there's no lose, scrap it and start again.

    I say go for it and good luck.

  2. You absolutely nailed it, Iron Mum. I think this is a good plan too! I will go for it, cheers for the imput and hope you are having a brilliant summer~ *hugs*


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