Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Book of your Heart....

Many times over the past two years, I have seen romance writers in groups, forums, Facebook, etc state their confusion as to why the book of their heart, the book they poured their soul into, just did not sell, while another book that they wrote in a few days and never gave a second thought to...sold like gangbusters.

First, there is no rhyme or reason why one book sells and one does not. I have given up trying to figure it out. It really is a spin of the wheel. Along with reviews, I now no longer look at rankings.

I haven't written the book of my heart yet. Maybe I never will. I will admit I do not bleed all over the keyboard when I write. I don't agonize over every paragraph or chapter. I have written a short story in three days, edited it in two, and submitted and have it be accepted, If it doesn't sell, I shrug and move on.

However, there is one book that has had my guts in a vice grip for over a year. I haven't spoken publicly of my split with Silver Publishing (color me shocked they are still in business) But due to lack of payment of third party sales, I had to request my rights back.

One book I rec'd the rights to, I submitted to one of my other publishers. They liked it. Really liked it. Months it had edits, I added over 5000 words. And nearly a year after it was first released, it came out again...and did not sell. Yes, that stung. After being shoved through a stress-filled meat grinder over this book, the end result was unsatisfactory to me. Nothing I did, nor the publisher, its just they way it unfolded.

As Tony Soprano said, 'What are ya gonna do'?

Nothing. Move on. Don't try to figure out why one of your books is selling A LOT, yet this book that was given loving care from everyone involved...fell flat.

I did learn in future when I am given right back to a book, I will set it aside for quite a few months before trying to publish it again, or give it a lot of thought as to if I even want to have it published again.
And lesson learned, I will NOT use the same title.
Something to think about as a few contracts are up for renewal next year.


NOTE: I edited this and reposted. I sounded a bit too bitter than I had intended.

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