Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Burnt Out on Reviews

Let me state right up front that I appreciate each and every review. If you give a balanced, truthful and non-snarky review, I will thank you, and mean it.

  However, the last few books I sent to reviewers a few months back will be pretty much the last. Reviewers accepted these books saying they would review, and now months later—nothing. This has happened more than once the last couple of years.

 There are as many as 50-75 romance/erotic romance/erotica books released every day, so the odds yours will be chosen for a review are pretty damned slim. Most of the more popular, high traffic romance blogs are booked solid. It goes without saying the big selling authors are chosen first, so that leave crumbs for thousands of us to fight over. If you are a debut author you may find this whole process disheartening.

There have been many stories of authors buying fake reviews, creating sock puppet accounts and writing their own fake reviews. Or contacting all 20 of their cousins to leave reviews. I am not a fan of authors exchanging reviews either, hell, there have been review parties for just this purpose. To each his own. It is my own personal thought that reviews either happen or they don't.

It is pounded into us as authors that the more reviews you have, the more worthy your book is. I know Amazon is set up that way, but for me to spend hours soliciting for reviews? No. A good review makes for a good promotional tool. I get that. If any publishers want to set up review blog tours, I'll participate gladly.

There are a lot of fantastic romance blogger/reviewers out there. I have had the privilege of getting to know a few on-line. They are supportive of romance and give honest, well-thought out reviews. You guys rock.
A lot of my publishers send out copies of new releases to blogs. If any chose to review my new release, I will be pleased. If anyone buys my book and reviews it, know I will be very pleased by that too.

In future, however, I think I will pass on the review soliciting.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being an HONEST author who doesnt put up with crappy fake reviews. Lately I have been so mad after finding out CR Lacerte and all her other many names gives themselves glowing reviews and tries to BURY real ones.


    NOTHING ELSE PISSES ME OFF SO BAD WITH BOOKS!! We the readers spend our hard earned money on BOOKS. IT IS OUR RIGHT to leave 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 STARS!!

    The sockpuppets need their fake reviwer heads chopped OFF on AMAZON. THANKS for being a REAL writer who can actually TOLERATE criticism. I will check out some of your books soon!!


  2. Well, I can't stand the gif reviews, who have meanness at its core. making fun of a writer's work, tearing apart the story. To me, it is cyber bullying. And an author is expected to take it and not say anything. hardly fair. It may be someone's right to give a book whatever rating they want, and its my right to not read mean-spirited reviews. In fact, I have sworn off all reviews, whether they are for movies or romance books. Most of them are laughable.

    Good post.

  3. I thank you both for commenting, cheers~


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