Monday, June 24, 2013

Watch What You Say....

Sometimes, I think it's easy to forget that everything you blog or tweet about is available for public consumption.

Last Monday, I did a writing inspiration on an actor from a TV show I like, and someone on twitter tweeted the actor in question (and the other actors on the show active on twitter), my link. Did it get hits from this link? Oh yeah, I have ways of checking.

Wouldn't be surprised if Bailey Chase himself checked it out. Now, I'm embarrassed. I mean, I went on and on about the way he fills out his Wranglers.*groan*

Mr. Chase, I'm a romance writer. Its all in good fun. Hope you took it in the way it was intended.  If it gets more people interested in checking out Longmire, all the better. If it gets people to my blog and looking at "my books" page (which it did) that's fine, too.

Do celebs Google themselves? Damn straight. Hell, I Google myself now and then. Mostly to check for pirated book sites. I also Google publishers a lot, to keep an eye on things. It is amazing what you come across. Sometimes, its a real eye opener.

Will I be continuing with my Monday Inspiration? Yes.I wouldn't be a romance writer if I didn't post pics of handsome men who have been my writing inspiration. I will post a note in future saying its all in good fun. And it is.

I hope I gave Bailey a little chuckle~


  1. Great post! Although I would caution you about posting copyrighted photos of actors or models on your blog. It can have some pretty devastationg consequences. -

  2. I heard of that, it certainly gives someone pause. And makes me wonder what the hell I am doing on Pinterest. Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. I've even seen shots on Pinterst with copyright watermarks. Yikes. Thanks for commenting!


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