Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Contract! Third and Final Book in Blind Cupid Series~The Copper and the Madam!

Do you like BBC America's Copper? I sure do. For my third and final book in the Blind Cupid series with Decadent Publishing, I certainly used Kevin Ryan and Tom Weston-Jones  above as a muse for my hero Rory Kerrigan and his sidekick, Rion O'Connor.

Imagine my excitement that right after finishing the story, BBC put out Ripper Street with Matthew Macfadyen! (picture below)

Both are set in the Victorian Age (my fav historical era and the setting for my Blind Cupid Series)

Copper takes place in Five Points, a notorious district in New York City. Ripper Street takes place in the borough of Whitechapel in London right after the Jack the Ripper murders.

Imagine my shock as my hero Rory worked on the ripper case. I swear I wrote it before Ripper Street even came out, lol~

This is around 35,000 words and my first real foray into suspense.

Abbess Rea, madam of the brothel, The Blind Cupid, who was mentioned in The Blind Cupid and The Governess and the Beast, gets her own story here. Also, we are brought up to date on the couples from the first two books.

I had a blast researching the history of the London Metropolitan Police force and the different districts in 1897 Victorian London. Also all the sexual slang from that era. There was a real seamy underbelly to this era and it fascinates me!

I assume the book will be out later this fall. Will keep you up to date.

I am proud of the research and plotting that went into this. Thanks Decadent for accepting it!

UNOFFICIAL BLURB:   In 1897 London, Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant Rory Kerrigan never expected to find love among the crime-ridden streets he vowed to protect. Kerrigan, a man with a wretched past and hardened heart, keeps emotion from his life and its interference with his police work.

Abbess Rea is owner of the brothel, The Blind Cupid, and a woman with a secret and desolate past of her own. Rubenesque and leery of men, Rea lets no one close. Yet, she cannot deny the ruggedly handsome Rory touches her heart.

A grisly murder on Kerrigan’s turf has Rory and Rea teaming up to bring the killer to justice. As danger lurks closer, secrets are revealed and passion is ignited. Will the copper and the madam acknowledge their mutual yearning even at the peril of their lives?

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