Monday, June 17, 2013

MONDAY WRITING INSPIRATION: Bailey Chase from Longmire!

Bailey Chase is a recent discovery for me.

My parents recommended A & E's Longmire. I have been boycotting A & E since they cancelled Hornblower years ago and turned into the 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' station. A & E no longer stood for 'Arts and Entertainment' in my book. Hadn't watched them in years.

But my parents and I like a lot of the same shows, so, why not?
The hubs and I enoyed it right off. Yes, its a predictable police procedural, but the setting (New Mexico stands in for Wyoming) and the characters make it an entertaining show.

Robert Taylor (an Aussie) plays Longmire, and I'll save him for another day.

Who caught my attention with his sky blue eyes and tight Wranglers was...

Bailey Chase.

 Born: May 1, 1972 (age 41), Chicago, Illinois, United States
Height: 1.83 m
Education: Duke University

Apparently, this fresh-faced, handsome hunk has been around television since the late 90's.
First time our paths have crossed.

He plays Deputy Branch Connally on Longmire.

This guy knows how to wear of pair of Wranglers. And a gun. And a cowboy hat.

Season 2 has just started, Check it out. Good summer entertainment.

And the eye candy ain't bad



  1. Love that shot of him on the beach. He is a doll!

    1. I agree, a real doll is a good description. His younger pictures show him being more pretty, but now he is sliding into his 40's, I like the extras lines on his face. :)


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