Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Inspiration for My Work In Progress!

I am working on another short contemporary romance with a rock star hero! Yay!

I love listening to music as I write, and have always loved hard rock.

An idea popped into my head one day last week, and lo, I have 8400 words already written.

My hero, looks very similar to Myles Kennedy, pictured here.

Myles is the lead singer for Alter Bridge and is one busy dude. He's also worked with Slash on a couple of albums. At 43, he has hit his stride. Possessing a tenor vocal range that spans four octaves (!!!) no wonder I get chills when I hear this guy sing! Never seen him in concert, but you can hear the passion in his singing, see it in the videos and pictures on-line. He is very self-effacing and humble on Twitter and for a rock star, grounded. 

I have no idea what a rock star thinks or how he lives, but it is fun to imagine it in my make-believe world. Sure, you do research, but ultimately, it is your little rock fantasy world.

I find the creative aspect of writing and performing music sexy as hell.

I find it even more sexy when you can see and feel how much these guys love what they do.

I do have one rock star novella coming out...soon. I know, I have been saying this for a few months.

It has gone on the the senior editor, so surely it won't be long now.

Later this month if I am lucky. HEART OF ROCK, is a re-release, but it has been edited to a nub and at least 5000 new words added.

It was taken off the market Nov 2012 (after about 5 months since its first release) after I received rights back from Silver Publishing.

Takes place in 1974. At times, my Irish rocker is not a nice guy. But underneath, is a tortured and vulnerable man.

Look for HEART OF ROCK from Decadent Publishing...soon. Real soon. lol~

Meanwhile, thanks to Myles and everyone who splays open their heart and soul in their music.

And for being an inspiration!

Rock on~

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