Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hump Day Hottie: Jon Hamm!

Here is the shot that I put on Pinterest that had 407 repins. Jon Hamm has the classic, tall, dark, and handsome looks that universally appeal. Tall, well-built and smart, he's got it all going on. I've seen him on Bill Maher, the man knows his stuff. Now, this season of Mad Men is not impressing me, in fact, the hubs bailed after episode 1 of the new season six. Why am I still watching? Jon Hamm. Love him. Don Draper, not so much.

 Not overly muscular, but no one fills out a 60's style suit better than Jon, or relaxing on a beach. I won't even discuss how a certain part of his body has a Tumblr account. I mean, really.  *googles*

Jon was born in St. Louis. Missouri March 10, 1971.

At 42, he has reached his peak.

Don Draper is not a likeable character. But Jon Hamm manages to convey a wide spectrum of emotions that have you feeling sorry for the cheating scumbag. At times.

I admit I FF though the storyline of his affair. *yawn*.

I always loved a dark haired man. Clive Owen is another fav (where has he been lately?)
Suave, cool, handsome.


  1. Hi my friend!
    I do like dark hair as well,love the first picture most!Green eye's would be wonderful as well!
    I read your new book and I loved it!It is just right with everything and before Marcus only was a bit of your story,now he has his own and a wonderful one as well,I thought it would be sad as first but it isn't at all and you even give a point away,don't charge a book by it's cover!Wonderful,pure wonderful,thank you so much for it!Have a wonderful day my friend!TC Irmtraut

  2. Hi Irmtraut, I agree, green eyes are lovely. so glad you enjoyed Black Scar. And you are so right, you can't judge a book by its cover. There should be two more books in the Blackthorne Clan and that should finish it off. have to write them first, lol!
    Thanks again, and have a great day!!!


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