Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Does Excessive Promotion Sell Books?

Yes and no. Depends on who you talk to. It is different for every person. Hows that for a wishy-washy response?

We could get into discussions of what makes a best-seller in romance, but I am not going down that road making smug pronouncements about the dearth of alpha A-hole billionaire heroes wrapped in BDSM. Whatever sells, baby. More power to those who are making this trope work for them.

I am talking beyond the obvious. And any author will tell you just because you jump on the BDSM or M/M wagon, it does not guarantee a ton of sales.

There are no guarantees for anything. It really is a spin of the wheel. You can have one book go 'viral' and your next one tank. It is what it is.

Just as an experiment, I picked a couple of random authors who promo non-stop and checked their sales on NovelRank. Over a period of a couple of weeks I didn't see an uptick in their sales. Does all this promo work? It makes you wonder.

I will talk about what works and doesn't work for me. I have done one blog tour and I don't see what it did for me sales wise. Nothing really. But it cost so little and maybe it did get my name out there to a few who never heard of me. Have I done one since? Nope. I am of the opinion e-publishers should be more involved and set up blog tours for new releases. Its great a pub will RT my tweet, but I want pubs more hands on. Maybe someday.

Blog Hops are a good idea. At least it brings potential readers to your site. And for a chance to win your book, you can add to your follower/friend/newsletter numbers. Even if you reach only a few new readers, its worth it.

I find Facebook a waste of my time. Over 3000 friends, and just who am I reaching? Hardly anyone. Same with my authors page. 1400 likes and only 10% see anything I post. I have made no secret of my dislike of Facebook. It probably shows, as I am more social on Twitter. I can't force it.

Twitter/Tribrr~ Since I joined Tribrr, I have watched my blog and the numbers have not budged. No increase AT ALL. And please, I don't want to hear from the creator of Tribrr again. I only choose a few links a day now and changed the settings to 'every three hours'. Why do this? I like to feel in my way I am supporting my fellow writers, but this seems like a futile effort and all it does is clog the Twitter stream. Its either do this or RT, so I do a little of both.

Of my last few releases, two are selling really well. One tanked. One of the ones that is selling well, I haven't done promo since the second week of release. Practically none. Its a headscratcher.
I have one more release before I take my summer hiatus, and being 'the glass is half-empty' kind of girl, I am not expecting much. Could go either way. And if it does sell well, I will be at a loss to tell you why.

So what's the answer? Do what's comfortable for you for promo and start to write your next book. Its cliched but very true. That way to sell books is to write your next book. If at times you feel like a gerbil on a wheel, step back and take a breather. If a book doesn't sell, don't take it personally. Luck plays a big part, it's not necessarily you. At least, that is what I tell myself.



  1. Great point! I'm starting to exhaust myself in trying to constantly promote, and I'm often left wondering what else is being done on the other end.

    1. Exactly. I really feel Pubs could be doing more, I mean, we are in this together to sell books. It shouldn't all be left to the author. In a lot of instances, it is. And constant promo is exhausting, and stress inducing, one reason I cut way back.
      Cheers for stopping by! ♥


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