Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Trailer/Soundtrack for Heart of Rock coming July 12TH!

I made this myself, It's not fancy. Took no time at all in Windows Movie Maker. This didn't cost me a dime, I used stock free images and free sounds.

Its for HEART OF ROCK coming July 12, 2013 from Decadent Publishing. This is a re-release. This book hasn't been available since Nov 2012 (only up for a few months) because I had to seek the rights back from the previous publisher. Over 5000 words added and edited within an inch of life, lol. I am so very pleased this story is getting another chance.

Below is my soundtrack for HEART OF ROCK. Takes place in 1974 and these songs are mentioned or alluded to within the story.

I want to thank everyone at Decadent, especially Rie Langdon, editor, for all their efforts.

HEART OF ROCK SOUNDTRACK by Karyn Gerrard on Grooveshark


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