Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Long Weekend For Me!

Just finished watching all three seasons of Deadwood  (HBO 2003-2006) on DVD. Damned shame that got canceled. There was supposed to be two movies to wrap up the story lines, but they never came to fruition. Not sure who to blame, let's cut it evenly between HBO and the creators.

Above is one of my favorite Al Swearengen sayings, a credo I live by each and every day. And in the romancing publishing world, this comes in handy, believe you me.

Watching this stoked my interest in westerns, and I opened up a three year old manuscript I have done nothing with. Its completed, but needs a major edit. Set to task, I will have some fun with it and in the fall decide where to send it. Takes place in 1877 in the Black Hills.

Just like Deadwood.

Have a great weekend! It's a long one here in Canada so I plan to watch ball games, read, spend quality time with the hubs.


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