Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Me and a Big Thanks!

May 2013 marks two years since my first ebook was published. Its been a hell of a ride. Finding my comfort zone social media wise, being screwed over by an ePub, enduring edits and reviews good and bad and learning something new with every release are just a few of the highlights.

May 2013 has also been my best month ever for sales. The. Best. I am humbled. A big thanks to The Wicked Bad and The Governess and the Beast. They exceeded my expectations. And to those who bought it for whatever reason—Thank you.

I have one more release Heart of Rock. Its a re-release, but its been given a shiny edit and additional scenes added. No idea on release date. June sometime? *shrug*

There will be no releases over the summer as I am taking part of it off for a much needed break.

There are times I wondered if I wanted to keep going with this. But when its all said and done, I love to tell stories and share them. I am so damned appreciative when someone likes the stories as well. The readers keep me going.


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