Thursday, May 16, 2013

Erotica vs Erotic Romance? There is a Difference and Neither is Trash~

I am not a fan of rants and there seems to be a lot of them lately on various social media outlets on different topics.

I will focus on Romance. Last week, someone called for the killing of the Historical Romance genre which whipped up a shit storm on Twitter and elsewhere. When the dust settles, what does it really matter what this person thinks? Its just her opinion. Like a review, I glance at it and move on. The historical genre has supposedly been on life support more than once since the 80's. So they don't sell as many as those NYTimes romance contemporaries or certain paranormal titles. The Historical Romance authors are writing what they love. Leave them and the genre alone.

This week, a writer, supposedly ashamed she has been reduced to writing erotic romance to make a buck because her literary masterpiece tanked, insults erotic romance writers and readers alike by calling what she does Trash. Cue the shit storm. Erotica was dragged into the discussion and dissed  as well.

First, let's point out there is a difference between erotic romance and erotica. Neither is trash in the eyes of the readers who buy it and the authors that write it. Sure, like any genre, there are some poorly written stories out there and many of them sell big. 

Side note: A recent review of my erotic romance, the reviewer kept referring to it as Erotica, which it isn't. Even reviewers, it seems, do not understand the difference.

To my mind, I write Erotic Romance. Its basically a romance with really detailed sex scenes, but these are secondary to the romance, the emotion, and the HEA.

Erotica is all about the sex. It is the main focus of the story and does not require an HEA. There may be some emotional and romantic elements, but getting it on is what its all about.

Porn is all sex, no story or character development, no romance, purely written for stimulation.

This is my own personal interpretation, others may feel differently.

Now, this has caused people to get up on their soap boxes like *cough* me, and vehemently defend erotic romance and bash the alleged entitled attitude of the author.

Frankly, this endless cycle of controversial posts and the answering call for torches and pitchforks is getting old. I don't agree with this author, and I am not going to name her or post a link to her post (if it even is still up) but instead, I want to say it is no one's business why we write or read the romance we do. If people want to write to the market and make a living wage, then hurray for them. If others write what they love and are not concerned about sales, then a big hurray for them as well. We are all swimming in this over-sized pond together, turning on each other is not a smart move.

Nor is insulting the readers who buy our books.

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