Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coming May 28th BLACK SCAR Book 4 Blackthorne Clan~

What started out as a trilogy, looks as if it will be six books. This series has respectable enough sales, but that's not the reason I decided to continue.

These hot, tortured vamps were a blast to write. I love the feeling of family and brotherhood they all have. Even though they belong to the Shadow World, they have souls. They feel things deeply and love fiercely.

I don't have a cover yet for BLACK SCAR, but it will be out May 28th! And Evernight also chose it as an Editor's Pick!

Book 4 concerns Marcus Steele, who appeared briefly in Books 2 and 3. Book 4 is all about him.

Here is the unoffical blurb:

Born a Thrope, a wolf shape shifter, Marcus Steele never imagined his life taking such a dangerous and heart wrenching turn. Newly turned into a Vampire, Marcus became the victim of an attack of The Concealment from a member of the Blackthorne Clan. Now horribly scarred, Marcus also has to deal with the changes of his new life-state. The last thing he needs is to feel the Mate Bond.

Logan MacNeil is a Faepyre and a skilled healer. She is called upon by the Clan to assist in Marcus’s recovery. His extreme youth and potent injuries call to her long buried heart. Having love and lost centuries ago, she swore she would never take a mate again. Yet Marcus has stirred emotions in her she doesn’t wish to feel.

Many obstacles stand between them. Logan has many healing powers and skills. Will they be enough to heal Marcus and his emotional and physical...Black Scar?

Working on book five and six now! Stay tuned!


  1. oh,I can'wait!I love your vampire books,well you know that anyway!I finished the other one and I loved it!Have a wonderful day my friend and thank you for all the wonderful hours I spend reading your books! TC Irmtraut

  2. This is all new stuff, so hope you enjoy! Thanks so much as always for your wonderful support! :)


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