Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time For Another Wake-up Call!

This wake-up call isn't for me. I had my epiphany a few months after being published in the autumn of 2011.

This is for any aspiring romance writers or debut romance authors out there that are feeling a little disullisioned.

Let me say right up front, for the most part there is not a lot of money to be made here. Sure, you can point to a few examples of self-published authors who brag they are making more than print authors. I am going to leave self-published books out of my opinion piece.

This is for romance authors who want to sign/or have debuted with a publisher. If you judge your writing skill and self-worth by how many sales or reviews you have or where you sit on a best-seller list or poll, chances are you will not find any satisfaction from writing and being published.

Today alone at the third-party romance ebook site, All Romance, 42 new releases were posted. Multiple that by 1 week and you have close to 250 romance/erotic romance/erotica e-books being released every week (rough estimate).

This is why when you get your first ever royalty statement, you are stunned beyond belief how little it really is. Once in a while a writer strikes gold right out of the gate. Believe me, luck plays a big, big part. Gather a group of 100 romances writers and there are maybe 3-4 that are making a decent amount of money. A small cluster are about the middle of the pack, then rest are at the bottom.

Chances are you will not set the world on fire with one book. I know this is an old chestnut that has been roasted to death, but there is truth in it. Want to sell more books? Then get writing!

I don't discuss my sales, but with each new release I see a steady up-tick, especially on back titles. So really, there is truth in the fact to sell more books you have to keep writing them. Sometimes I feel like a gerbil on a wheel. It never ends. Writing/Edits/Promo. Over and over. Its gets tiresome. Like the kitty in the picture, I'm ready to flake out.

Everyone has their own threshold for this sort of thing. Me? I have already decided I am taking part of the summer off. Everyone needs a break.

Keep your expectations low with every release. Don't obsess over numbers. Do you love to write? Then stick with that. Keep your head down and write. Enjoy. Pop up now and then to promote and interact on social media. Remember what promo works for one author won't necessarily work for you. Find your balance in writing/social media/promo. And most important of all, be sure you love it, or why put yourself through this?



  1. Well, I've realised I'll never have the Jackie Collins lifestyle, but hey, I'm published! :)

    1. *snort* me neither. Exactly. Take joy in the fact you're published. I do, too.


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