Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NEW CONTRACT! BLACK SCAR Book 4 of Blackthorne Clan from Evernight Publishing!

The Blackthorne Clan paranormal series was supposed to be a trilogy.


Just received a contract for book 4. It is called BLACK SCAR and focuses on Marcus Steele, the Thrope turned Vampire who had a secondary role in the previous two books, Black Desire and Black Heart.

It looks as though there may be two more books. Already plotting them out. Then I hope to wrap up plot points, but keep a few open should I want to re-visit at a later date.

I will tell you, writing a series is hard!

Yes, you have to tell back story of previous books in case the person reading hadn't read the other books. But you can't go crazy and bog the book down with too much on previous plots either. Its a fine line to straddle. Plus you have to remember all the characters, their foibles and physical characteristics. Names. Relationships. Mythology.

But the main thing is I am having fun doing it. It is extremely cool to have a core group of characters and plop them down into a fictional, paranormal world and let the sparks fly.

Tentative release month is  MAY 2013

Here is the unofficial blurb:

Born a Thrope, a wolf shape shifter, Marcus Steele never imagined his life taking such a dangerous and heart wrenching turn. Newly turned into a Vampire, Marcus became the victim of an attack of The Concealment from a member of the Blackthorne Clan. Now horribly scarred, Marcus also has to deal with the changes of his new life-state. The last thing he needs is to feel the Mate Bond.

Logan MacNeil is a Faepyre and a skilled healer. She is called upon by the Clan to assist in Marcus’s recovery. His extreme youth and potent injuries call to her long buried heart. Having love and lost centuries ago, she swore she would never take a mate again. Yet Marcus has stirred emotions in her she doesn’t wish to feel.

Many obstacles stand between them. Logan has many healing powers and skills. Will they be enough to heal Marcus and his emotional and physical...Black Scar?

Here is the muse for Marcus. Have no idea who this model is, but he fits the young Marcus Steel perfectly!

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