Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Done With Goodreads~

I had my foot halfway out the door anyway. Let's recap. I joined over two years ago before I was published. I liked it as I could keep track of what books I've read and what ones I had lined up in my TBR pile. I also reviewed books at the time for my own blog and for another more popular one and cross posted them at GR.

Then in May 2011 I became a published writer. My review time was cut, then disappeared altogether, but I decided to continue to rate/review books for my own pleasure.

I never found it effective as a social media tool. I was told as an author I should join some of the Goodreads groups and interact with readers. Okay, sounded plausible. I was immediately nailed to a wall and told "You shouldn't be here in this group, YOU'RE an author. Goodreads is for readers." Errr, okay.  After a few more chilly receptions, I said feck it, and left all the groups.

Well, after witnessing more poor behavior in so many corners of this site, I've had enough.

 I have deleted the bookmarks and apps, unconnected Goodreads from Facebook and Twitter, and removed my blog and bio. Unsubscribed from all feeds, notifications and emails.

I was going to delete my account, but decided against it. I want the option to add my own books to my author list. Besides, I had rated over 600 books in 2 years, why should I delete it?  That was a lot of hard work. In trying to cut stress from my life, I looked at my writing and realized social media gives me more stress than anything else, even more than editing. So bye-bye, Goodreads. I will be joining an ever-growing group of authors who refuse to go there for many different reasons.

Since I used to do reviews, I know it's not easy to write one. Neither is writing a book. So know I appreciate all reviews. Chances are though, if you put it at Goodreads, I may never see it.

UPDATE: 10 days of not going to Goodreads and my stress level has dropped quite a few notches! Mission accomplished!


  1. That all seems like utter bullarky!! :| Im sorry you ran into such rude over pompous entitle twit-tarts. *sighs* I figured Goodreads was for readers AND writers. Ive never met a reader who WAS NOT a writer as well. Im sorry to hear about your experience, the world seems filled with jerktwits lately.

    1. There are many different reasons I am giving up on Goodreads. I agree, writers are readers too. I wanted to cut back on my social media, and Goodreads was my way of cutting stress out of my writing life, lol! Thanks for commenting!

  2. After some of the stuff I have seen, I don't blame you and i go less and less.


    1. I had enough. And I saw no benefit social media wise for me. I'd rather focus more on Twitter and yikes, Facebook. thanks for commenting!

  3. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with Goodreads! As a reader I adore it because it helps me track my reading and new releases from authors I love. I have also discovered so many new authors and books i may never have encountered.

    I really disagree that it is just for readers! Personally, I love it when an author joins a discussion or comments on one of my reviews.

    It is awful when some people take it upon themselves to speak for the whole group. I have limited my involvement in groups because of those types. But for tracking reading, sharing opinions on books and finding new books Goodreads is my top choice!

    1. That is what I was using it for more than anything, for keeping track of my reading. I can use something else for that, like Shelfari. As an author, I was not seeing any benefit for being there. The fun had gone out of the experience.

      That's why I'll keep my account. I will keep my list of releases up to date, but for social media, I will go elsewhere. Thanks so much for commenting, April~ :)

    2. I tried the other sites Shelfari, LibraryThing and Bookish but found Goodreads the easiest to use. Mind you I am not an author so I am not looking for it to be a resource.

      I am hoping the merger with Amazon will add to Goodreads, especially if I can connect my reviews on both platforms.

    3. As a reader, Goodreads is by far the easiest. It will be interesting to see what changes Amazon makes. Connecting the reviews would be a good idea. I do hope they implement some benefits for authors in the future. Thanks for popping by again! :D


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