Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brotherhood-Type Shows Rock~And Give Me Inspiration~

I love the type of TV shows that have large ensemble casts with interlocking dramatic plots and fascinating characters. I especially like it when a bunch of men forge together to beat the odds. Yes, I know there are a couple of women in the above Spartacus shot, but really, this show is all about the men. Impressive abs and cod-pieces aside, these guys respect each other, fight for each other, and hell, even love each other.

Sons of Anarchy is all about a different sort of brotherhood.These guys are tough, biker dudes with a dash of menace and criminal elements ooze from their pores, but they feel deeply. Love their families and also love each other. Jax is the moral center and has the most to lose. I just finished all five seasons, and while some parts were uneven, the characters made you FEEL. I went to pieces at one character's funeral in season five. Did not expect that reaction. The song that played "The Lost Boy" By Greg Holden is probably part of the reason I blubbered. Regardless, you felt the pain and the loss. I think this show for all its comedic violence at times is deeply moving.

Another show that affected me was HBO's Band of Brothers. Yeah, pass the tissue for this one, too. Men bonding over war, sharing loss and heartbreak. Many scenes were wrenching and made all the more poignant as these were true stories and we had the senior citizens talking at the start of each episode, tearing up over memories 50 years past. Fantastically acted by mostly British actors affecting American accents, this defines 'brotherhood' in spades.

So where am I going with this? I find these shows a real inspiration for a lot of my heroes. Mine feel things deeply. I find this especially so in my paranormal. The Blackthorne Clan was going to be a trilogy, but I enjoyed hanging with my guys so much I plan 3 more books. I don't care if anyone else ever reads them, I had a blast plotting this out. I created my own Brotherhood.

Far out.

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