Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whine and Cheese: Where is the Fun?

Something I have been ignoring since the start of 2013, is that I am not really feeling the fun so far this year.

The fun in what? All of it. Haven't done that much writing, plot ideas are beginning to dry up and I find my patience has all but dissapated.

I have one manuscript that has taken so long to make it to publication, I have lost interest in the book. It's obvious I would not do well with the wait involved with those print books from the bigger publishers. I'm sure if and when the release date comes about for this novella, I will perk up. I hope.

Now that I seem to be on ebook pirates radar, I spend a ton of time sending out DMCA notices. Most cases, the book is up on pirate sites the day after release. What is galling, but not surprising, is a lot of these people really think they are doing nothing wrong. The sense of entitlement I have observed in my dealings on-line in all areas is stunning.

This seems like a good time for a break, but that is not possible with four releases on tap. One thing I have put the hold on—submitting manuscripts. I am sitting on a couple of finished manuscripts for now. I am sending nothing out until these four releases are off my plate.

One decision made so far, I will not be going down the full-bore erotica road. I know there are more sales to be had down that path, but extreme kink is not what I want to do. On All Romance next to my new release on the front page shelf was a book called "Titty F**k" Explain to me how that is romance. It isn't. All the best to the author and I am sure they will sell a lot, but its not what I want to write.

So—no more free reads, no anthology submissions, no sequels (different from series, which I plan to continue) no erotica, (different from erotic romance which I plan to continue) No short stories, and no trying to write to a specific, rigid, and restricted line at any pub.  It was great to try these things out and now that I have, I will be giving them a pass in future.

I always stated I would do this as long as it remained fun. Here's hoping some of the fun returns soon. These things are cyclical, so I am sure it will~

Cheers ;)


  1. I noticed that exact book in my email from ARe last night. I thought to myself, Really!? Then I noticed that it was free. Some people will get a book just because it is free. I noticed it only had one review. So I am thinking that the only reason it is such a huge seller is because of the price. They really should keep the FREE bestseller list separate from the Paid bestseller list. It really doesn't reflect a true accounting of popularity.

    1. Actually, I think All Romance does keep the free reads off their bestseller lists, which is only fair. I saw the book mentioned in their newsletter, it was listed under new releases.

      Yes, free reads sell a ton. I only have to look at my own Kindle, I have so many free reads, I have stopped adding them. And I have read none of them and don't know when I ever will, lol!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Ursula! :)


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