Friday, March 15, 2013

Triberr~Annoying or Effective?

I like Twitter. I'd chose it over Facebook in a heartbeat.

At first, I found all the @via tweets annoying, felt they were clogging up my feed, but then I thought about it. Whether you post links to your books or giveaways or do it through Triberr, you are still clogging the feed.

Why else am I or any author on Twitter?  Yes, I like to tweet subjects that interest me, or the latest news or stuff about my Red Sox, but I also am there to put forth my books. And occasionally interact with like-minded people.

I do a lot of re-tweeting to show I do support other authors, but I can't be on Twitter 24/7, so Triberr seemed a viable option.

I joined last week and have no idea what the hell is going on. It doesn't seem to be very user-friendly.

Triberr also had two days they were off-line this week, not sure how that shakes out in reliability in the long run.
So what is the purpose? To bring more people to your blog. When you sign up for Triberr, you pick a social media platform (I chose Twitter) And add your RSS feed from one of your blog or blogs and then people in the tribe you belong can tweet your blog post.

Always a good idea to place relevant info in your blog post title. Just putting 'book review' is useless to anyone reading that on Twitter.
Also, pick and choose the posts from your Tribal stream. Hey, its my Twitter feed, I'll post the things I want.

In one week have I seen any increase in blog traffic? Well...hardly a ripple. One week is not enough time to judge. But I will monitor it.

Do @via tweets still annoy me? To a point. There are a fair number of people who have let their Twitter stream go fully automated. Not wise. You have to tweet other stuff and talk to people at least once in awhile. If someone follows me, I check their profile page before deciding if I will follow back. (yes, I do not auto follow, again, my choice)
If all I see is a long stream of @via tweets and other automated tweets from other sources, chances are I won't be following back. Even if you have thousands or tens of thousands of followers.

In conclusion I believe in supporting other authors, especially romance ones. I know I don't have other authors to my blogs, but I want to show my support in other ways. Twitter and Triberr together seem to be a good fit and a good option.



  1. Hi Karyn,

    Welcome to Triberr and thnx for a thoughtful review.

    The 2 days downtime is a rare occurrence. It only happened once before in two years we've been operational. And every down time is a lesson, so things will only gett better.

    Triberr wasn't user friendly, but we just rolled out a new redesigned interface that people are loving on a lot, so it should help.

    As for "via" tweets, this is one of my favorite misconception about Triberr.

    Dig this. A properly formated twitter button will have the identical "via" format as Triberr tweets.

    The fact that people associate "via" tweets with Triber and not with twitter which is the company that invented the format and use it on their official button, is hilarious to me :-)

    Anyways...once again, thx for talking us up and ping me if you ever need anything @DinoDogan


    Founder of Triberr

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dino. I do know that via tweets are not Triberr's alone, guess I didn't make that clear enough or didn't phrase it properly.

      The concept of Triberr is a very good one and glad to hear a more user friendly version is being rolled out. I kind of floundered for three days not sure how to use your program. Catching on now.

      Look forward to using Triberr in concert with Twitter.


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