Tuesday, March 19, 2013

THE BLIND CUPID~All Romance Recommended Read!

 In All Romance's latest newsletter, THE BLIND CUPID, my short story historical from Decadent Publishing is a recommended read! How cool, first time that happened for me!  Love this synopsis of the story!
The Blind Cupid by Karyn Gerrard

Desmond Glover was repulsed at himself as he stood outside of the latest address Abbess Rea had sent him to.  One more aging spinster to pleasure before she dried up was waiting inside for him but with no other skills or means to live he had no choice but to sell his talents. Something about this woman stirred him like no other before.  What would happen if he gave up the ruse and truly made love to the sexy passionate spinster?

Anne Sommer had decided that at 35 she was going to do something out of character. Hiring a man to be with her, to show her, if only once, the pleasures of carnal exploration.  When Des walked in the door she realized that if she went through with it everything would change but asking him to leave was not what she needed.  She needed to take a chance.

After showing the woman the passion she had hidden within, Des was ready to run when their time was up and she asked him to stay.  When he did walk out the door his desire was to run in the other direction and turn his back on the only thing he had ever known, all for love.

A quick paced and appealing read that was very emotional and imaginative.  Anne and Des were both scarred by their perceptions of themselves.  Anne, a spinster fully on the shelf, would never find the passion she craves sitting alone and contrives to find it the only way she can...with coin.  Des had been used by the aristocracy since he was a boy for their perverted pleasures and earns his way with the only talent he has...his ability to pleasure.  Together they find love is still available to a pair of broken souls and the way to heal their hearts is together.

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